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An access token is required to execute private daisies on
Private Daisies are any Daisies which have not been made "Public". They can be Daisies that you own and visible only to you or Daisies which have been shared within a team you belong to.

Getting an access token

Once you are logged on the platform :

  • click on your account settings (top right) and select Personal Access Tokens
  • click on Generate a New Token and fill in the form (name, expiration date)
  • copy the token and store it in a secret file


This is the only time this token will be visible in the platform. The Daisi plateform doesn't store your tokens.
You can have multiple tokens. The Personal Access Tokens page allows to manage them.


iPython / Jupyter notebook

In an iPython console or a Jupyter notebook, set the DAISI_ACCESS_TOKEN environment variable as follow:

import os
os.environ["DAISI_ACCESS_TOKEN"]=<your access token>

Using a shell environment variable

Define a DAISI_ACCESS_TOKEN environment variable.

In a sh type shell (sh, bash, ksh, zsh, ...):

export DAISI_ACCESS_TOKEN=<your access token>

In a csh type shell (csh, tcsh, ...):

setenv DAISI_ACCESS_TOKEN <your access token>

Using an .env file

Add the following line in a .env file:

DAISI_ACCESS_TOKEN=<your access token>

Then source .env