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Sharing Daisies - Teams

When you create a new Daisi, it is by default private and visible only by yourself. No one else can discover it in the Daisi catalog, or invoke any of its endpoints, even if they would know how to call it.

Following their creation, Daisies can be shared privately inside a team, or made public.

If a Daisi is created from a private Github repository, it can be made public but the code will not be visible by anyone inside the Daisi platform.


You need to be authentified to call a private Daisi (see the Authentication section).

Teams creation and management

You can create teams in the Daisi platform and add users :

  1. Click on your profile icon (top right corner)
  2. Click on My teams
  3. Create a new team, or add users in the teams that you manage

Each team has a unique manager, who is the only one able to add / remove users.

Visibility settings

Visibility settings of a Daisi that you have created can be adjusted in the Settings tab of the Daisi page :

  • You can share it within a team by typing in the named of the team.
  • You can make it public by clicking on Make public.

When clicking on Make Public, any user of the Daisi platform can view and call this Daisi, even if they are not logged in or authentified. However, if this Daisi has been created from a private Github repository, the code will not be visible by anyone.

  • Each team member can make her own private Daisies visible by the team. Each team member can also add any public Daisi to the team.