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Daisi is a hosted Software-as-a-Service platform, so requirements to use it are minimal.

  • To use the web UI, you should use the latest version of Chrome, Safari, or Firefox
  • The PyDaisi client library Python version requirements are published on its PyPI page.
  • All browser and client connections to the Daisi platform require HTTPS using TLS 1.2 (or higher)

Limits and environment

For now, we are providing limited free usage of the Daisi platform.

  • Daisies run under CPython 3.8; this will be updated and other options provided from time to time
  • Each Daisi function execution may use only a single CPU, though multiple executions may run simultaneously
  • Python runs in a Debian Buster Linux environment in a restricted namespace
  • At this time, only the Python standard library is included in the runtime environment by default. We may provide specific packages and specific versions in the future.
  • Other Python library packages may be installed from PyPI (using pip) by specifying them in requirements.txt, or may be implicitly installed from import statements in your code.
  • Packages that rely on external non-Python dependencies may not install or may not work. Pure Python packages and those that include their own dependencies should work in the restricted environment. Contact us if you need some non-Python dependencies
  • Note that Java, Ruby, node.js, and native libraries outside besides the standard OS libraries are not available, so you may need to use pure Python or standard library packages as alternatives, or ensure that the package includes the dependencies. Contact us if you need native libraries which seem to be missing on the platform.
  • At this time, we are not restricting installation and use of any package on PyPI. We do reserve the right (and expect) to allow and block certain packages in the future