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Daisi is a hosted Software-as-a-Service platform, so requirements to use it are minimal.

  • To use the web UI, you should use the latest version of Chrome, Safari, or Firefox
  • The PyDaisi client library Python version requirments are published on its PyPI page.
  • All browser and client connections to the Daisi platform require HTTPS using TLS 1.2 (or higher)


For now, we are providing limited free usage of the Daisi platform.

  • Daisies run under CPython 3.8; this will be updated and other options provided from time to time
  • Each Daisi function execution may use only a single CPU, though multipe executions may run simultaneously
  • Each Daisi function execution may use up to 15 GB of memory, subject to platform limits; executions that exceed this may be terminated
  • The free platform currently is allowed a total of 16 CPUs; executions may run more slowly until we increase this limit
  • The free platform usage is currently limited to a total 64 GB; executions may run slowly or fail until we increase this limit